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Essie Luxeffects Holiday 2011

Essie Luxeffects Holiday 2011

Set in Stones – disco mirror ball chaos
Pure Pearlification – decadent baroque iridescence
A Cut Above – shattered pink diamond glitz
Shine of the Times – scintillating opalescent aura
As Gold As It Gets – gilded lamé sparkles

**Click images to enlarge.

Essie Luxeffects Holiday 2011

From L to R: Set in Stones, Pure Pearlfection, A Cut Above, Shine of the Times, As Gold as it Gets

Set in Stones

Pure Pearlfection

A Cut Above

Shine of the Times

As Gold As It Gets

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Essie Braziliant Summer 2011

Essie Braziliant Summer 2011 Collection

Sorry for the late review on these polishes, but I have to say that these
colors are more suited for this year’s trends in comparison to the China Glaze summer colors.

From left to right we have : Braziliant, Too Too hot, Super Bossa Nova,
Meet Me at Sunset, Smooth Sailing, and Absolutely Shore.

** These colors were fabulous because the formula
seemed to have improved. There was no streaking at all!

Here are the individual swatches :
**Click image to enlarge.

Essie – Braziliant:

Braziliant (sunlight) The collection’s signature shade, ‘Braziliant’ is a feminine yet thoroughly modern tangerine shade, with the addition of baby fine pink shimmer. A very sweet hue that never borders on neon, this has enough vibrancy that says “Summer” and will compliment a variety of skin tones across the board.

Braziliant (shaded light)

Essie – Smooth Sailing

Smoothe Sailing (sunlight). ‘Smooth Sailing’ is a cornflower blue shade with fine silver shimmer throughout, lending it an interesting depth. It has a dusty-looking quality that I love and is the one shade in this collection that will easily transition into Fall, making it versatile as well as beautiful. I really enjoy polishes that look like they change colour depending on the lighting; sunlight (top photo) gives it such warmth while shaded light (bottom photo) lends it a muted coolness.

Smooth Sailing (shaded light)

Essie – Super Bossa Nova

Super Bossa Nova (sunlight). Almost a duo-chrome in appearance, ‘Super Bossa Nova’ is a bright magenta hue with delicate purplish-blue shimmer in its base, giving it a multi-tonal effect. Something about this shade gives the most flattering pedi look, suitable for both warm and cooler skin tones. While sunlight (top photo) brings out all its shimmery glory, shaded light (bottom photo) adds a whisper of blueish depth.

Super Bossa Nova (shaded light)

Essie – Too Too hot

Too Too Hot (Sunlight). ‘Too Too Hot’ is an interesting mix of tomato red and coral, which also means that it can swing both towards warm & cool skin tones with ease. Almost a one-coater in application, it was perfectly self-levelling and surprisingly my favourite out of the collection! No matter what light its viewed in, something about this vibrant shade just makes me so happy!

Too Too Hot (shaded light)

Essie – Absolutely Shore

Absolutely Shore (sunlight). While there’s been a plethora of pale green shades of late, ‘Absolutely Shore’ is still unique among them. This is the palest green I’ve seen yet and I find it’s an interesting alternative to wearing a super pale polish. I find it interesting that in full sun (top photo) it looks almost like a greyed-out white hue, while shaded light (bottom photo) brings out a more sea-foam tinge.

Absolutely Shore (shaded light)

Essie – Meet Me at Sunset

Meet Me at Sunset (sunlight). The last polish of this collection, ‘Meet Me At Sunset’ has a texture that’s almost a cross between a crème and a jelly…it’s like dessert for your nails! As orange hues seem to be all the rage this Summer, this one does not disappoint in either it’s depth of colour, formula or high gloss shine. Equally vivid no matter the lighting, this too will not only suit a variety of skin tones, but makes wearing such a bright shade effortless.

Meet Me at Sunset (shaded light)

Ever since Essie was bought by  L’Oréal, their nail polish formulas have dramatically changed for the better! These polishes were very pigmented. Although may people prefer OPI’s Pro-wide brush, I seem to really like Essie brushes as they are more flexible to use so I can actually get the edges. The cremes would look absolutely amazing with a matte top coat, while the shimmers would look even better with a high gloss top coat!

Here’s another picture of this collection on my swatch board:

Essie Summer 2011 Collection

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